The Hip Hop Secret



As beautiful and sleek as it is deadly, 52 Blocks merits special conservation efforts as the United States’ only existing native martial art, the missing pillar of hip hop and the  jazz of the martial arts world.We hope that you will partner with us in creating a movement targeted at the resurgence of Original Hip Hop through program striving to preserve and disseminate 52 Blocks through demonstrations, media and instruction. Let us unite to save the only surviving martial arts genre native to the US and simultaneously provide income generation opportunities, social and spiritual support for former criminal offenders trying to rebuild their lives.


Seeing The 5th Element is  a mind blowing experience. The Style, Strength, Poise and Power are 100% hip hop.


Hip Hop is forever changed with the recent emergence of 52 Blocks a martial art that would help shape hip hop.


Studies into the field of the 5th Element of Hip Hop 52 Blocks is new we are looking to keep discovering.

Our new distance learning program will allow you to learn 52 blocks fighting and fitness anywhere.


For 52 Blocks Visibility is the key. We need you to help us to help Hip-Hop reach its former glory. Lets Bring Real Hip Hop back!


Join the Meetup Group to link with 52 Blocks practitioners from across the globe. Learn new techniques in the 5th Element of Hip Hop culture.